Friday, June 27, 2008

The Smile

This week's featured photo (click to view large).

This is "The Smile" and it's a photograph from the San Dimas Crits in 2008.

It was taken just before the start of one of the races as they were lining up and waiting for the leaders to be announced. This is one of my favorite photographs from that weekend even though it's not of the actual race. Luckily, the sky was overcast with only a few sprinkles so the lighting was awesome and there were no harsh shadows.

I like it because of the different way each man is waiting and preparing for the start. Some are focused internally and concentrating. Some are talking amongst themselves. Some are checking out the spectacle. Some, like the man in the center, are having fun.

To me, his smile says that there is no other place he'd rather be at that moment. It says that he is confident and relaxed and ready to race. When I saw his smile, I had to push the button to capture it.

Do you see what I see?


Flatman said...

Awesome photo!

E-Dub said...

Great shot, Weez!


Lisa said...

Thanks guys. :)